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Happy #NationalHotDogDay Everyone!! Here is our Founder and CEO @steveGOgreen at the Vienna Beef #Foodiechats hosted a few years ago!!



It’s so much fun when #Foodiechats welcomes back a sponsor, and last night we welcomed back @KrispyKreme for the 5th time! We always love working with¬†@KrispyKreme, and of course talking doughnuts and sweets!

Nothing beats a @KrispyKreme, and our #Foodiechats friends will love their new Carrot Cake and Banana Pudding Doughnuts Available at Participating Krispy Kreme Locations. You can get these doughnuts through August 31.


@KrispyKreme sent us a box of their new doughnuts, and they did not disappoint! We invited friends to our #Foodiechats Headquarters to indulge in Banana Pudding and Carrot Cake doughnuts. Our friend @Tek1231 captured his excitement in this awesome photo!


Our¬†#Foodiechats¬†theme last night was Southern Summer Classics and the questions were so much fun! One great one was “Southern Summer Classic doughnuts are great for parties. What‚Äôs your fave dessert to bring to a gathering?”¬†

Our #Foodiechats community is filled with sweet tooths and the answers from ,  and  did not disappoint!




Another question was, “Banana Pudding doughnuts have vanilla wafers on top. What other crunchy toppings do you like?”

, ,  and  really had us drooling!





Thank you so much to @KrispyKreme for such a wonderful #Foodiechats!

Be sure to head to your nearest location to stock up on their limited edition Banana Pudding and Carrot Cake doughnuts.


If you missed last night’s #Foodiechats, you can join us every Monday night at 8 pm ET! 

Tweet us at @Foodiechats and tell us your favorite kind of doughnut!

Last night #Foodiechats Roasted some amazing Artichokes for dinner! 

Prep: 15 Minutes

Oven: 450 Degrees

Bake: 60 minutes

Chop off the bottom and the top of the Artichokes! Spread open all of the leaves to make room for your garlic and onions. 

The amount of garlic is up to you. We like roasted garlic a lot, so we added garlic around the entire Artichoke.  

We then sliced some organic red onion and evenly spread though out. 

Tip: be sure to really pour your EVOO, and add Garlic right in the center as well! It seeps in and really makes the heart taste amazing once you reach it. This is where we also add our Truffle Oil! 

Pour EVOO All over inside the Artichoke.  The EVOO that falls onto your Heavy Duty Foil, take a brush and brush the rest all over the outside of the Artichoke. 

It’s time to pour your lemon juice into the Artichoke. Take your Juice¬†squeeze thingy;) and get it all down in there. The more the better!¬†

Heavily, and I stress heavily Salt and Pepper the entire Artichoke. 

Here is¬†the KEY to your Artichoke while it Bakes: Wrap your Artichoke Twice in HEAVY Duty Foil. ¬†If you don’t have heavy duty foil, still wrap it twice, AND be sure to put the Artichokes wrapped in foil on to a baking sheet. ¬†If you don’t the oil will leak out of the bottom, and it will create a giant mess!¬†



Organic Artichokes: 2 Medium Size

To know if your Artichokes are ripe, rub the leaves on each other, if it squeaks, they are ready to go.

One Garlic Bulb

Half of an Organic Red Onion


2 Organic Lemons for Juicing. One per Artichok

Truffle Oil, Salt and Pepper

Good Morning and Happy #Foodiechats Monday! We are talking “Southern Summer Classics” with sponsor @Krispy Kreme¬† Tonight will be¬†Foodiechats¬†168th Episode -¬†To join in on the worldwide #Foodiechats conversation, just simply follow our hashtag at 8:00 p.m. EST every Monday for 90 minutes of foodie fun!¬†

Learn all about the new krispykreme Doughnut Flavors Carrot Cake (pictured above) and Banana Pudding! www.krispykreme.com

For more about #Foodiechats, visit www.foodiechats.com


Take a big bite out of the new Carrot Cake doughnut!

Hey #Foodiechats Community! We’re excited to announce that on Monday, July 21, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. EST, ¬†Krispy Kreme Doughnuts will be our sponsor for the fifth time! It’s always a delicious time, so be sure to #EatBeforeYouTweet.¬†

Our #Foodiechats Theme with @krispykreme‚Äč is “Southern Summer Classics.” To join in on the worldwide #Foodiechats conversation, just simply follow our hashtag at 8:00 p.m. EST every Monday for 90 minutes of foodie fun!¬†

"Share the first time you discovered the joy of Krispy Kreme with #KKOriginalMoment or show us how you’re a true #KKOriginal every day.” via Krispy Kreme. Visit their website to find the location nearest you!¬†


We love any reason to have a foodie celebrations, and this we did just that with last night’s (7/14) #Foodiechats! Our theme was Fresh & Fun Summer Parties sponsored by @FreshDirect.

@FreshDirect is a leading online grocer delivering premium quality fresh-from-the-farm foods and brand-name groceries to customers in the greater New York, New Jersey, Connecticut metro area and greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. We loved all the great questions they came up with!


One of our favorite questions was “What‚Äôs cocktail hour without __ & __? Fill in the blanks with your fave drink & app.” If there’s one thing we love at¬†#Foodiechats, it’s a perfect pairing!¬†,¬†¬†and ¬†all had answers that made us ready to party!




Another question we loved was “We wait all year to eat a lotta lobstah at our BBQs. What seasonal specialty do you wait for?”¬†The answers from ,¬†¬†and ¬†really made us drool!




Thank you so much to our wonderful sponsor @FreshDirect for such a fun #Foodiechats! 


@FreshDirect wants our #Foodiechats to give them a try! Use code TWEET to save $50 on your 1st order (min $125, exp 1/15)

If you missed last night’s¬†#Foodiechats, you can join us every Monday night at 8 pm ET!¬†

Tweet us at @Foodiechats and tell us your favorite dish to indulge in at a summer party!

Good morning #Foodiechats Friends! Today, July 15, 2014 at 1:00 pm EST #Foodiechats will be featuring our sponsor @SandersCandy!

Join us for Fudgy discussion on Twitter, just simply follow our worldwide hashtag #Foodiechats to join the conversation!

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#Foodiechats¬†is almost here!¬†Join us at our worldwide¬†#Foodiechats¬†Community July, 14, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. EST! Our theme is ‚ÄúFresh & Fun Summer Parties‚ÄĚ with our sponsor¬†@FreshDirect!

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We look forward to Eating and Tweeting with you!

It’s #Foodiechats¬†Monday! Join us at our worldwide #Foodiechats Community July, 14, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. EST! Our theme is “Fresh & Fun Summer Parties” with our sponsor @FreshDirect!

Give +FreshDirect a try! Use code TWEET to save $50 on your 1st order (min $125, exp 1/15).

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What better way to end the week than with a #Foodiechats Feature? We loved getting to introduce SunButter to our community.

If you or your kids have food allergies, then SunButter is perfect for your household. It is a nut-free direct substitute to peanut butter, made from specially roasted sunflower seeds in a totally nut-free facility, 


SunButter is very nutritious containing 27% RDA of Vitamin E, 8% Iron, double the fiber of peanut butter with the same level of protein, and no hydrogenated oil or trans fatty acid!

As more schools, daycares and camps go Nut-Free, SunButter¬†is great for kid’s lunches, snacks and classroom parties.

Our #Foodiechats community loved learning about SunButter! We also had some loyal customers in the house!











One thing we love is when brands share delicious recipes on their website, and SunButter does not disappoint. Check out their website for amazing recipes like Blueberry Pancakes, Sweet Potato Crepes and Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies!


Thank you for taking part in such a great Feature, SunButter!

Tweet us at @Foodiechats and let us know what dish you would add SunButter to!

Sweet potato crepes stuffed with SunButter Sunflower Seed Spread is a perfect lunch! What else would you stuff in them? #Foodiechats

Today #Foodiechats is featuring SunButter, a nut-free substitute to peanut butter. How amazing do these sandwich cookies stuffed with SunButter look?

Happy Friday! We’re getting excited for Monday’s (7/14) #Foodiechats with FreshDirect as our sponsor! Our theme is Fresh & Fun Summer Parties. What are your party essentials?

#Foodiechats theme on Monday is Fresh & Fun Summer Parties sponsored by FreshDirect! Be sure to join us 7/14 at 8 pm ET!

Good morning #Foodiechats Friends! We have a delicious treat for you today, July 9, 2014! We’ll be hosting a #Foodiechats Feature with @SandersCandy at 1:00 p.m. EST on Twitter! If you love Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramels, Hot Fudge and more, you’ll love this!

Visit http://www.sanderscandy.com and you may want to cover your keyboard! #DroolWorthy